October 21, 2007

Trafalgar Day

I have just been celebrating Trafalgar Day by knocking back a couple rums in memory of Lord Nelson. Nelson was one of only three commoners ever to be given a state funeral in Westminster Abbey, and who's memory is still incorporated into the Royal Navy's uniform to this day with the three white bands on the collar said to represent Nelson's three major victories (Copenhagen, the Nile, and Trafalgar) and the black silk scarf that goes under the collar being said to come from the ones like by the sailors who attended Nelson's funeral to show that they where in morning for the very popular Admiral. Obviously drinking rum would be considered part of the hazardous drinking that the state is so worried about. Though perhaps not as hazardous as that conducted in the navy itself on Trafalgar Day, where it is sometimes joked that the best day to launch a sea assault on the UK would be the day after as the entire fleet would be too hung over to mount an adequate defense.


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